Doug McCarty

Had them clean my office, they did an amazing job! My next three customers all commented on how clean my office was made me wonder how dirty it had been.. I’m very pleased with everything!!

Dave Rodriguez

Terrific job by these ladies! They worked with my difficult schedule, and were in and out quickly and quietly as I needed to work from home. They even managed to deal with the overbearing supervision of a 6 year old... Highly recommend!

Heidi Lynn Ubben

Hired them to clean our house while we were on vacation. Came home to a house that was spotless from top to bottom, I could have cried! They paid close attention to detail and did a good deep cleaning. Would absolutely recommend!

Cierra Haffner Lindquist

It takes a lot of courage to show some of these photos. The last 3-4 months have been the one of the worst times for our family. We went from calving season and managing our herds, to covid, and trying desperately to save our two businesses. Throw unexpected home schooling 2 young boys and a third one still at home in the mix and it was a recipe for disaster. Well-water stains junked up our third bathroom, dog hair ruled the house, and toys galore. I simply did not have the energy to do it all. The Dust Bunnies came in, helped me organize, and cleaned their tails off. I came home and breathed a sigh of relief, and a huge burden and weight was lifted from my shoulders. Almost 4 weeks later, we’ve been able to keep up, and continue organizing the house, rearrange the kids rooms, rotate their clothes for the next size, and even enjoy downtime and a mini vacation. Best thing, I actually got to enjoy it. I wasn’t stressed out about how much housework I had waiting for me at home. Thank you so much ladies. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.